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Soul Urge Number 11 Numerology Meaning

There is a difference between knowledge and wisdom. Wisdom is common sense. It is a good reflection of your decision-making skills and your perceptive abilities rather than raw intelligence. Sometimes the smartest people in the world make the dumbest decisions.

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Personality traits of a Number 11

  1. Inspirational
  2. Dreamer
  3. Impractical
  4. Considerate
  5. Sensitive
  6. Withdrawn
  7. Intuitive
  8. Understanding
  9. Self-Conscious
  10. Good listener

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Being a Soul Urge Number 11

You, as a soul urge number 11, are the very definition of wisdom. You might not have the best education in the world but you are far from a fool.

While this wisdom is certainly a good trait to have, you need a little more than wisdom to get through life. You run the risk of relying on it and becoming complacent. Make sure that you continue to act on your decisions and be proactive about life.

The name and destiny number of number 11 is also known as the “The Illuminator” 


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