The Moon Planet Number 2

☽ The Moon Planet Number 2- The Ruler of Emotions

Facts about The Moon

  • Zodiac sign the Moon rules: Cancer
  • Exalted in: Taurus
  • House the Moon rules: 4th House of Roots and Security
  • The Moon retrogrades: Never
  • The Moon stays in each zodiac sign for 2.5 days
  • The Moon completes an entire cycle through the zodiac once a month

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The Moon in Astrology

The Moon represents our inner universe, which includes our emotions, reactions, and life patterns. Despite not being classified as a planet by Astronomy, the Moon is one of the most prominent planets in Astrology.

From New to Full and back to New, the Moon passes through eight phases each month, each of which has a unique effect on our overall energy.

The position of the Moon in your personal astrological chart influences your emotional tendencies (just as it influences the ebb and flow of the ocean tides), whereas the Moon’s current position in the sky influences your emotions and behaviors in the present.


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Since the Moon is the ‘planet’ nearest to Earth, this satellite completes its orbit around the zodiac in less than a month. It also affects us more profoundly than most other planets.

As the ruler of the tides, it is only appropriate that the Moon governs our emotions.

Still waters flow deep? Making waves? A source of emotions?

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Yes, our emotions have long been compared to the sea: fluid, momentous, and internally turbulent.


The Moon influences mood swings, instinct, how we feel about things and how our sentiments affect others. The Moon gives us our essence, whereas the Sun gives us our spirit.

The Moon resembles a goddess in that it represents motherhood and the bond between woman and infant.

This planet (also referred to as a luminary) represents the women in one’s life and their nurturing role.

Also governed by the Moon are fertility, pregnancy, and labor. From our earliest memories, when our mother stroked and caressed us and we felt her gentle touch, we have seen the Moon casting its silvery radiance.

Our emotions manifest in our bodies and determine the course of our daily existence.

The Moon is a part of this continuum, which renders us vital at times and fragile at others. We are up and down, naughty and nice, and we can laugh or weep at will.

By utilizing the Moon’s energy, we strive to reconcile these diverse emotions in order to become whole and one with the world. The Moon also enables us to see what we desire and to utilize memory and the past in this process.

The Moon spends approximately 2 and a half days in each zodiac sign and requires 28 days to circumnavigate the zodiac. It is a feminine force that governs Cancer and the fourth house.

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People of the Moon

People of the Moon have distinct emotionality and receptivity.
They readily acclimate to their environment and circumstances and are frequently artistically talented.

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They accomplish their objectives by avoiding obstacles and intuitively seizing advantageous opportunities.

They have mood fluctuations and unconsciously seek a stronger person who can consistently support them. They are extremely housewives, family-focused, devoted, and sensitive, and they never take risks.

They can alter the tempo of existence.
They are introverts; consequently, despite their friendliness, they are frequently wrapped up in their complex interior world and vivid imagination.

These individuals possess a sense of responsibility, a desire for independence, always act diplomatically and cautiously when carrying out their plans, and do not allow others to compel them to do things they do not want to do. They have an excellent rapport with the first variety.


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