Number 1 Is Connected To The Sun ☉:

The Sun Planet Number 1

☉ The  Sun  Planet Number – The Planet of Self

Facts about The Sun

  • Zodiac sign the Sun rules: Leo
  • Exalted in: Aries
  • House the Sun rules: 5th House of Expression and Play
  • The Sun stays in each zodiac sign for: about one month
  • The Sun completes an entire cycle through the zodiac once every year

As the sun emits light, so does it produce life. This planet (also known as a star and a luminary) symbolizes the self, one’s personality and ego, the spirit, and what makes an individual unique.

It is our identity and our public visage. The sun also symbolizes creative ability and the individual’s capacity to meet the challenges of daily life.

Children, as well as one’s biological father, husband, and other masculine influences, are governed by the sun.

The forceful energy of the sun brings with it authority, the capacity to lead, and an individual’s essence, their fundamental being. Through this planet’s will, we discover how to manifest ourselves in the universe.

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In accordance with its majesty, the sun governs over royalty and higher offices. The Sun is also in charge of our health and well-being.

The golden radiance of the sun is a vital life force that infuses us with strength, vitality, and a desire to succeed.

This planet plays a crucial role in astrology because it is the source of energy for the other planets.

The sun spends approximately one month in each zodiac sign and one year traveling through the 12 zodiac signs. This energy is masculine and governs both Leo and the fifth house.

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The Sun in Greek Mythology:

In Roman mythology, the Sun is associated with Apollo (or in Greek mythology, Helios), the God of Light or the Sun God

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People of the Sun

The beginning of all existence is the origin of all numbers. Any number’s composition includes the number 1, but the number itself is indivisible because it is predicated on the unity of the universe.

The natives of the Sun are natural leaders with immensely powerful personalities who never go unnoticed.

These individuals are ardent, impulsive, and businesslike.

If you are under the influence of this number, avoid isolating yourself in your own emotions and perceptions; otherwise, you will find yourself in conflict with the outside world.

You consistently accomplish remarkable success. Generosity, pride, the desire to create something new, physical and spiritual fortitude, authority, the desire for power, initiative, a sense of responsibility, unwavering justice, and pragmatism are your innate characteristics.

You have amicable relationships with individuals from the first, second, fourth, and seventh categories.

Number One – Planet Sun Traits

Leadership, determination, optimism, and dominance. People at the top are ambitious, and regardless of their profession, they typically overcome all obstacles and impediments and rise to the summit.

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