Jupiter Planet Number 3

♃ Jupiter  Planet Number 3 –  The Planet of Luck

Facts about Jupiter 

  • Nickname: The Greater Benefic
  • Zodiac sign Jupiter rules: Sagittarius
  • Exalted in: Cancer
  • House Jupiter rules: 9th House of Faraway Places
  • Jupiter retrogrades: Once every year to year and a half, with each retrograde lasting around 4 months
  • Jupiter stays in each zodiac sign for 1 year
  • Jupiter completes an entire cycle through the zodiac once every 12 years

Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System and the fifth planet from the Sun.

It is a gas giant with a mass greater than 2.5 times that of all other planets in the Solar System combined and barely less than one thousandth that of the Sun. 

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Jupiter In Astrology

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, overseeing the manner in which we open our minds, cultivate our awareness, and expand our lives, our space, and our perspectives over the course of this lifetime. As well as our unique talents and education, our levels of luck and the types of opportunities that come our way are directly related to Jupiter’s influence.

Jupiter In Roman mythology

In Roman mythology, Jupiter was the king of the gods, the greatest and finest of the best.

Jupiter is not only the largest planet, but it is also known as the “benefic” planet in Astrology, meaning its influence is the most positive of all the planets. 

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Jupiter is the planet of the intelligent. As the guardian of the abstract mind, this planet governs higher education and bestows upon us a desire for intellectual and spiritual exploration of ideas.

Jupiter assists us intellectually in formulating our ideology. Jupiter reigns over religions and philosophy in the more spiritual sphere.


Kasamba Astrology Reading

Jupiter proposes a search for the answers, and if that requires traversing the globe, well, that’s presumably why Jupiter also rules long-distance travel.

In accordance with this motif, Jupiter compels us to evaluate our ethical and moral values, as well as our optimism.

Jupiter is associated with fortune and fortune for good cause. This is a kind and beneficent planet, one that wishes for our growth and flourishing.

Jupiter may serve as judge and jury, but it is primarily an honorable companion who ensures that we are on the correct path.

While success, accomplishments, and prosperity are all within Jupiter’s domain, this generosity can deteriorate into sloth and idleness (Jupiter is associated with weight gain at its worst!).

However, Jupiter will more often than not lead us down the primrose path.

Jupiter’s pursuits also include leisure time. This planet governs all sports, games of chance, and a promenade through the park with the family pet (Jupiter adores animals).

Jupiter frequently foretells great wealth, both material and otherwise. This is a trustworthy companion in paradise!

Jupiter circumnavigates the zodiac in approximately 12 years, averaging one sign per year.

It governs Sagittarius and Pisces, as well as the Ninth and Twelfth Houses.

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The inhabitants of Jupiter are typically optimists; they have a positive disposition toward others and themselves; possess, as a rule, a profound understanding of their nature; bestow affection on others and expect respect in return.

They do not engage in trivial exchanges, avoid difficult situations and conflicts, and frequently act like magnets, attracting harmony and happiness to themselves.

A positive attitude assists them in achieving their objectives. Under this age, individuals are filled with a sense of responsibility, seek self-improvement, are influenced by idealism, are indecisive, and seek recognition.

By acting candidly, they hope to achieve personal gain. They are willing to travel and advocate without bias for those in need.

They have strong artistic tendencies. They match the third, sixth, and ninth varieties well.


Planet Jupiter Traits

God-blessed, fortunate, intuitive, and spiritual. People ranked third are excellent judges of character and charisma.

They are divinely endowed and skilled countenance readers. This number is symbolized by a triangle whose three sides stand for force, matter, and consciousness.

The triangle also represents life’s manifestation and reproduction. In Hinduism’s Tantras, the triangle is regarded as a sacred representation of the Supreme Being.


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