Number 9 in Numerology Planet Mars 

Number 9 in Numerology Planet Mars 

Numerology Planet Mars 

Zodiac sign Mars rules: Aries
Mars Exalted in Capricorn
House Mars rules: 1st House of Self
Mars retrogrades: Once every 2 years, each retrograde lasting around 10 weeks
Mars stays in each zodiac sign for: 6-7 weeks
Mars makes a complete trip through the zodiac: About every 2 years

Element: Fire and Water (before the discovery of Pluto)
Rulership: Aries | 1st House and Scorpio | 8th House
Associated with drive, desire, action, aggression, and intensity; also known as the “lesser malefic”

Mars: The Planet of Love

In addition to ambition and competition, Mars’ domain also includes ambition. Mars encourages us to confront challenges and be our best — or even better — in the workplace and on the playing field. Aggression is a component of this strategy, but Mars also values courage and honor. This planet appreciates audacity and a fearless disposition.

It is essential to note that the energy of Mars can be either constructive or destructive. Mars, the ancient God of War, could be mercilessly violent. While this energy continues to emanate from the planet, it also requires us to channel it for good. Mars’ mantra includes tenacity, aspiration, and accomplishment.

Mars governs our sexuality and sexual energy, as well as weapons, accidents, and surgery (the latter two demonstrating the yin-yang essence of this planet). However, if appropriately utilized, the energy of Mars can be quite useful.


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Mars in Zodiac

Mars requires nearly two years to complete its orbit around the zodiac. It governs both Aries and Scorpio, as well as the First and Eighth Houses, with its masculine energy.


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About Planet Mars

The inhabitants of Mars are prepared to conquer on their own. They reject objections and increase their resistance to them. They accomplish tremendous success as a result of their courage and determination.

However, impulsivity negatively impacts their activities. They frequently do not evaluate and distribute their strengths rationally.

They frequently experience difficulties in love and relationships, which is a result of their excessive vanity.

Possessing excellent organizational skills, they categorically refuse to accept a position of subordination.

If they had utilized their assets and abilities on purpose, they could have attained enormous success.

Therefore, they are distinguished solely by initiative and enterprise, vitality and independence. These leaders rely on themselves by nature, do not allow themselves to be surpassed, are occasionally ruthless and arrogant, and possess great resolve. Find common ground with persons of the third, sixth, and ninth personality types.


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 ♂Mars in Numerology

Mars rules those born on the 9th, 18th, and 27th of any month, as well as those whose name or destiny number is 9.

The qualities of Mars are most evident in individuals with a soul number of 9. “Nine” serves a significant role in the mystical experience of the individual.

The powerful and regenerative number 9, obtained by the triple repetition of the triad, introduces destructive energy into the life of man, signifying the eternal renewal of being.

Mars is the celestial “commander-in-chief.”  Powerful internal energy gives it a brilliant red hue, which is visible to the unaided eye in the dark.

Astrologers view Mars as an adverse planet because those who are ruled by Mars are egoists who prioritize their own desires over those of others. The influence of Mars makes such individuals quick-tempered, prone to disputes, fond of destructive weapons, restless, erratic, vicious, and fond of violence.

They are capable of causing harm to their family and acquaintances. Mars is also considered inauspicious because, when located in the first, fourth, seventh, or tenth house of the horoscope, it disrupts family life.

Mars is related to our muscular system and the bone marrow responsible for the immune system’s stability. It generates white blood cells that eliminate viruses and diseases from the human body.

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Thus, Mars influences our body’s defense mechanisms. It also provides fortitude, which is directly related to the blood sugar concentration.

Mars is associated with man’s general condition and provides fortitude. Meanwhile, the inconsistency and restlessness of Mars causes its inhabitants to be uncertain, doubtful, and short-tempered.

All of this leads to excessive activity, which makes Mars an unattractive planet and encourages people to engage in unlawful activities and forbidden romantic relationships.

The inhabitants of the planet Mars are experts in the arts of war, hunting, sport, controversy, competition, public speaking, and politics.

Mars imbues its proprietors with a competitive spirit that allows them to view victory and defeat with equal enthusiasm.

He provides people with dynamic vitality, which motivates them to engage in unusual behavior. The inhabitants of Mars delight in astounding others with their extraordinary bravery.

They attain their maximum strength between the ages of 27 and 40.

The number 9 is associated with the mantra AUM, the primordial sound. This vibration is fundamental to all sounds and vibrations manifested in the universe.

The entirety of creation is an esoteric fusion of two energies, represented graphically by an upward-pointing triangle and a downward-pointing triangle.

Mars in the Zodiac

Here’s how to present this sacred connection symbolically. Sun, Moon, and Jupiter are all allies of Mars. Saturn, Venus, Uranus, and Neptune are indifferent to Mars, while Mercury is its only adversary.


Numerology Number 9 – Mars

 The Planet Mars is represented by the Numerology Number 9. This number affects all individuals born on the ninth, eighteenth, and twenty-seventh of any month.

They are fighters in everything they endeavor in life. They typically experience adversity in their early years, but are ultimately successful due to their fortitude, strong will, and determination.

Number 9 Mars rules over autonomy and the masculine nature. Mars influences the desire for success and the capacity to see things through to completion. It is also responsible for the circulation of healthy blood.

They have a quick temper, are impulsive, are independent, and desire to be their own lords.

When the number 9 is more prominent than usual in the dates and events of a person’s life, they are likely to have many adversaries and cause strife and opposition wherever they go.

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They have tremendous bravery and would make excellent combatants or leaders for any cause they support.

Typically, they experience a great deal of strife and conflict at home, either with their own relatives or the family they marry into.

Even when not conceited, they always have a high opinion of themselves and will not tolerate any interference with their plans. They desire to be regarded as “the head of the house” and “the center of attention.”

They are resourceful and excellent at organization, but they require absolute control; otherwise, they lose heart and allow things to fall apart.

For affection and sympathy, they will do almost anything, and the males in this group can be made the biggest fools if a clever woman tugs on their heartstrings.

Those born on the 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, or 30th of any month generally get along well with them. All of these numbers vibrate in harmony with the number 9 individuals.

This number nine has peculiar properties. It is the only number in mathematics that, when multiplied by any other number, always reproduces itself, as 9 times 2 yields 18, 8 plus 1 yields 9 again, and so on for all numbers it is multiplied by.

Number 9 individuals should strive to accomplish their plans and objectives on all days that fall under their “own number,” such as the ninth, eighth, and twenty-seventh of any given month.


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Numerology Number 9 Lucky Dates

Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday are their most important days of the week, but particularly Tuesday (called Mars Day).

Numerology Number 9  Lucky  Colors:

All hues of crimson or red, as well as all rose tones and pink, are deemed “lucky” for those born under the number 9.

Numerology Number 9  Lucky Crystals:

Red Coral, Carnelian, and Bloodstone are their “lucky” gemstones. These Crystals enhance vitality and bravery and remove obstacles.

They stimulate sexual desire, particularly in males. They fortify the circulation and reproductive system, increase vitality, and bolster decisiveness.

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