Indian Tamil Numerology Chart

Tamil Numerology: Characteristics and Connections to the Planets

Tamil numerology, also known as Indian numerology, originated in the Tamil region of southern India. It is composed of three distinct, numerically affiliated digits.

However, the ultimate number is determined by the individual’s date of birth. It also displays their personality and other aspects and characteristics. Destiny number is the controlling factor in Tamil Numerology.

Indian Tamil Numerology Chart

How does Tamil Numerology work?

Numerology in Tamil, also known as Indian numerology, originated in the Tamil region of southern India. It is composed of three distinct, numerically affiliated digits.

However, the ultimate number is determined by the individual’s date of birth. It also displays their personality and other aspects and characteristics.

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Tamil Numerology Meaning

Vedic Numerology is a belief that spirits choose to manifest themselves by their birth date and name frequency in order to experience greater expansion of consciousness, according to the history of Numerology.

The numbers symbolize a person’s psychological health, their “ego,” and the karmic residue they carry throughout their existence; hence, they are an indication of their strengths and weaknesses as they are born with them and as they learn and grow from their experiences.

On each planet, the vibratory forces that influence human fate are quite diverse. Numerology focuses on the numbers 1 through 9, the seven luminaries, as well as the lunar nodes Rahu and Ketu.

In India, specifically Tamil Nadu, the English alphabet is numbered differently.
Please see the following list:
1 equals A, I, J, Q, Y;
2 equals B;
3 equals C, G, L, S
4 = D, M, T
5 = E, H, N, X
6 = U, V, W
7 = O, Z \s
8 = F, P

The number 9 has not yet been assigned. Numerologists assess two-digit numbers between 10 and 99. The lowest possible numerical name for a human is 29.


Indian Tamil Numerology Chart


Tamil Numerology Numbers

A person’s age is defined by their complete birth date. The emphasis is on a person’s worldview and its influence on that worldview. Frequently, the number corresponds to a person’s prior karma or behavior.  How one determines their fate is through gaining life experience.

A number between 1 and 9 exists. If a person’s birthday falls on June 22, 1988, for instance, their fate would be as follows: 2+2+0+6+1+9+8+8 = 36 = 3+6 = 9 Consequently, a person born on this date possesses the destiny number 9.


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Tamil Numerology Number 1

Natives with the number 1 in Tamil numerology are said to be eager and energetic. These individuals are born with a dominant personality.
On the other hand, they are dedicated and confident. Such individuals make the best leaders and typically believe they deserve the highest positions. Those bearing the number one in Tamil numerology are also excellent performers.

These individuals would like their assigned works regardless of domain or stream. Moreover, these residents are avid luxury enthusiasts. Consequently, they perceive no downside to spending money on a luxurious lifestyle.

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Tamil Numerology Number 1 Characteristics

There is no way to compel them to act against their will. Typically, they have a position of prominence and are the best in their field. Many of them do not mind spending money on luxuries, as they are a part of their lifestyle. Learn the Implications of  Numerology 1.

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Tamil Numerology Number 1 Connection to Planets

Number one represents the Sun, the monarch of the planets. Therefore, those whose birth dates add up to 1 are passionate, powerful individuals. Due to their control, aggressiveness, and dedication, these individuals are ideal leaders due to their traits. Check out the sun sign calculator. 

the sun




Tamil Numerology Number 2

Those whose destiny number in Tamil numerology is 2 have a gorgeous aura. These natives are intelligent and compassionate.

These individuals possess the greatest emotional diversity. Thus, they are occasionally inconsistent and occasionally generous. Due to their fluctuating emotional cycles, these individuals are among the most caring people.

When their emotional side is triggered, those with the number 2 in Tamil numerology may experience moments of confusion. On the other side, they are competitive and always prepared to conquer the globe.

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Tamil Numerology Number 2 Characteristics

Many of them are dreamers, and if they can transform their thoughts and ideas into inventive deeds, they can achieve remarkable success in any profession.

These folks possess contemplation, intuition, idealism, sentimentality, rapid temperance, and skepticism, among other characteristics. Meanwhile, spirituality will make them emotionally stronger and enhance their sense of life’s meaning.

Tamil Numerology Number 2 Connection to Planets

The number 2 is symbolic of the moon. On a night with a full moon, the moon looks magnificent, yet on another day it may have become dim and unnoticeable. Waxing and waning cycles determine the rate and consistency of change. They are unpredictable mimics. Individuals governed by the moon might be as unstable as those born on many dates.  


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Tamil Numerology Number 3

Individuals with this Tamil numerology number are wise. These locals are optimistic thinkers who never allow someone to ruin their minds.
People having the number 3 in Tamil numerology are also truthful, caring, sincere, and dignified.

They prioritize kindness and self-respect above anything else.
They have tremendous regard for their elders. Additionally, people with the number three in Tamil numerology are always anxious for education and admiration.

In addition to possessing excellent organizational abilities, these natives are drawn to the conventional and the classic.

Number 3 Meaning

Tamil Numerology Number 3 Characteristics

Their personality attributes include honesty, sincerity, kindness, tenderness, dignity, and commitment to their profession. 

As traditionalists, they place the highest priority on self-respect and venerating elders. Since they are mostly givers and not takers, the majority of them engage in social causes, charities, and volunteer organizations.

Tamil Numerology Number 3 Connection to Planets

The number three defines Jupiter, a planet linked with knowledge. Mercury’s three ruling planets are all positive thinkers, intellectuals, and sympathetic individuals.



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Tamil Numerology Number 4

Those with the Tamil Numerology number 4 are typically straightforward individuals. Typically, these individuals have a passion for adventure.
One may therefore conclude that they are the ideal combination of spicy and sweet. They are somewhat materialistic, active, and realistic individuals.

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On the other side, they are dependable and in need of affection. Moreover, those with the Tamil numerology number four would be full of ideas. They will understand how and when to incorporate the appropriate quantity of thoughts and ideas in the proper location.

Number 4 Meaning

Tamil Numerology Number 4 Characteristics

They are mostly interested in excitement and material stuff, thus they are typically pleasure-seekers.
In addition, they are trustworthy, dependable, and constantly full of ideas and suggestions, which they occasionally implement successfully.

Tamil Numerology Number 4 Connection to Planets

Despite the fact that people with the number 4 are frequently connected with Earth, they are said to be from the planet Uranus. They are practical, empathic, and enthusiastic.




Tamil Numerology Number 5

Natives with the number 5 in Tamil numerology are vivacious. They enjoy uplifting everyone. Typically, they would inspire others to accomplish seemingly difficult tasks.
Moreover, these individuals are exceptionally adaptable to change and novel settings.

With their poor spirits, these individuals provide the necessary inspiration.
In addition, people with the Tamil numerology number five enjoy maintaining a healthy and strong physique. They would be interested in exercise. In addition, they are always willing to expand their horizons in order to learn new things and tackle problems beyond their capacity.


Number 5 Meaning

Tamil Numerology Number 5 Characteristics

Even though they are highly flexible, they can adapt to climate change and coexist peacefully in new habitats. In addition, those with the number 5 are attracted to difficult jobs and enjoy testing their limitations by trying demanding challenges.

Tamil Numerology Number 5 Connection to Planets

In Tamil Numerology, it is thought that the number 5 represents Mercury. People enjoy being around them because they are so vivacious and uplift their spirits.



Tamil Numerology Number 6

These individuals are best characterized by their charisma, cohesion, and stability. Natives with the Tamil numerology number 6 are innately magnificent and benevolent.
These individuals are exceptionally sensitive and trustworthy. In addition, they are sentimental and less reasonable and pragmatic.

These inhabitants believe in less scientific ideas and facts and delight in caring for others, particularly close friends and family. In addition, those with the numerology number six are naturally compassionate and gregarious. They believe that serving others brings them peace.

Numerology Number 6

Tamil Numerology Number 6 Characteristics

Comparatively, members of this category are more emotive, intuitive, empathic, sensitive, and less rational and scientific. They typically spend the majority of their time at home with family, and they enjoy taking care of those at home. In addition to being gregarious and loving, they have an optimistic outlook on life.


Tamil Numerology Number 6 Connection to Planets

According to Tamil Numerology Number, Venus represents the number six. This number’s numerical values are related to beneficence, charisma, unity, stability, and splendor.

planet Venus


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Tamil Numerology Number 7

People with the number 7 in Tamil numerology are typically mystical and perceptive. These individuals believe in supernatural and metaphysical phenomena. They are also more contemptuous and emotionless.
These natives cherish information and have unparalleled knowledge. On the other hand, these individuals are quite introverted and dislike engaging in conversation. To them, spirituality is very important.
Therefore, people with the number seven in Tamil numerology have a strong affinity for pilgrimages and spiritual enlightenment. In addition, they have the potential to attract followers who seek their counsel in difficult circumstances.

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Number 7 Meaning

Tamil Numerology Number 7 Characteristics

They have a huge impact on the lives of others around them despite their reserved and introverted nature. Those who seek to advice from them are drawn to them by their spiritual viewpoint, even if they are experiencing significant psychological turmoil.


Tamil Numerology Number 7 Connection to Planets

This number has occult implications and pertains to travel; it is connected to Neptune. They can appear aloof and emotionless and have a metaphysical, magical, intuitive, and perceptive demeanor. However, they are extremely honest and follow the evidence like no one else.




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Tamil Numerology Number 8

According to Tamil numerology number 8, persons would have a peculiar and obstinate disposition. They will also be singular and unusual. These locals enjoy intense competition in the wild.
In addition, they have a strong tendency toward materialism.

Thus, wealth is very important to them. Moreover, those with the numerology number eight excel at executing activities.
Additionally, these individuals are exceptionally visionary and decisive.

Therefore, they concentrate on realistic and useful matters. On the other side, these individuals are also somewhat inventive.

Number 8 Meaning

Tamil Numerology Number 8 Characteristics

They gain intrinsic strength, focus, and a sense of goal-directedness from their systematic approach to things and situations. Their innate leadership skills and ability to complete tasks make them exceptional leaders. These people are characterized as innovative, visionary, and determined.


Tamil Numerology Number 8 Connection to Planets

According to the Tamil Numerology Chart, this number has an association with Saturn. This number is frequently associated with eccentricity, strangeness, individualism, and stubbornness. Nevertheless, these qualities enable them to compete on a material level and become extremely affluent.


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Tamil Numerology Number 9

People having the Tamil numerology number 9 have a strong connection to aesthetics. It renders these locals as transparent and transparent-appearing entities.
It may take time for these locals to warm up to humans. However, their discipline is a source of immense pride for them. Additionally, compassion, sensitivity, and spiritualism help to describe their character.
Therefore, it is safe to assume that people with the Tamil numerology number nine are quite difficult to be around. They may occasionally outland. However, the majority of these individuals know how to manage their life optimally. 




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