Tarot Numerology

Tarot Numerology is similar to traditional numerology in that it uses your birth date and turns it into a series of numbers. Tarot Numerology, on the other hand, only uses the numbers 1 through 22. Each of these numbers corresponds to one of the 22 Major Arcana in the Tarot. Each Tarot card has its own energy, lesson, strength, and weakness.

Tarot and Numerology Both the Major and Minor Arcana

The Tarot and Numerology Both the Major and Minor Arcana have numbers on them, which gives each card a different meaning based on its number. This means that there are five cards with the number 1 on them. These are the Ace of Wands, Swords, Cups, and Pentacles from the Minors and The Magician from the Majors.

You can use numerology in tarot to read the numbers on the major and minor arcana and learn something about yourself based on what the numbers mean in general (such as the meanings listed above.) When doing larger spreads like tableau readings or the Celtic Cross, numerology can be helpful.

Numerology is the study of what numbers mean on a spiritual and symbolic level. This guide will show you how to easily combine Tarot cards and numerology to improve your ability to read Tarot cards.
If you know how to do the basics of numerology, it will help you get started with tarot.

The best way to learn how Tarot and Numerology relate to each other is to start with the numbers. 

If you haven’t taken math in a long time or never liked it, remember that digits are the singular form of numbers. In ancient times, they were the numbers that could be counted on one’s fingers, which is where the word “fingers” comes from.

Some people think of them as 1 through 10, but for our purposes, I’ll just count them as 1 and 0. So we start with the numbers 0 through 9.

Tarot card numbers are a quick and easy way to remember the cards. For people who are just starting out with tarot, it can make it easier for them to understand how to learn. It’s hard to learn how to use tarot cards, but tarot numerology makes it easy.



How do Tarot cards and Numerology fit together?

So, you can see that Tarot and numerology go together. I’ll show you how to do it. Minor Arcana is made up of 56 cards. There are 40 numbered cards and 16 Court Cards. The 40 numbered cards are divided into 4 Suits: Cups, Pentacles, Swords, and Wands. Each Suit goes from Ace (1) to 10 for a total of 40.

How to Interpret the Major Arcana cards with Numerology?

The Major Arcana cards and Numerology provide you the opportunity to learn, grow, and comprehend yourself better than ever before. And because it has so many different features, it is unlike anything else on the market right now. Numerologist does a lot more than just give a numerology reading, which is clear from its benefits.


How to Interpret the Minor Arcana cards with Numerology?

Now, let’s look at how the Minor Arcana cards can be interpreted using Tarot and numerology. Except for the Court Cards, the numbers on these Tarot cards go from 0 to 10.

How Tarot Numerology can help you read tarot cards?

Tarot card reading can be made easier with the help of numerology in the following ways: A tarot card with a number that keeps coming up can teach you how important the number is. Repeated numbers can also be used to show how long something takes. If a number can be found in order, it can show when something might start and when it might end.

Numerology can help you become more aware of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and patterns. Find out how your numbers affect you and the way things turn out. What Do Your Numbers Say About You? Find out what your number combination says about you in a very deep way.

The Meanings of the numbers from zero to 9 instead of trying to remember the 78 number combinations.


Zero: Starts, innocence, and purity

Number 1: Manifesting, creativity, and attraction. New Beginnings & opportunities 

Number 2: Balance, unity, and opposites. Partnerships & Duality

Number 3: Plenty, growth, and expansion. Expression & Growth

Number 4: Form, stability, and strength.  Manifestation & Stability

Number 5: Shock wave, problem, fight. Change & Instability

Number 6: Talking, getting along, and helping each other. Harmony & Cooperation

Number 7: Stuck, thinking, and looking back. Reflection & Assessment 

Number 8: Stability, safety, and durability. Mastery, Accomplishment & Action.

Number 9: Growth, getting bigger. Attainment & Fruition

Why should you learn the Numerology of Tarot Cards

If you know about tarot numerology, you can read the cards more intuitively because you will know more about what they mean.
This means that learning the numbers on tarot cards is a great way for a beginner to learn each card in a deck and understand what it means.
With this knowledge, you can also add more depth to your tarot readings by making numerological connections between the cards in a spread and seeing how the different messages work together.

This means you’ll get more accurate and detailed readings that can help you or the person you’re reading for.
Here are some ways in which numerology can help you with your readings:

  • A number that keeps coming up can draw attention to how important it is.
  • A number that keeps coming back can be a measure of time.
  • Numbers in order can show when something will start and when it will end.
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Tarot Numerology: What The Numbers on Tarot Cards Means

Here is a simple overview of tarot numerology from 1 to 10, including how to use tarot numerology backwards to get even more information from your readings.

Start learning what these tarot number meanings mean, and you’ll find that you can read tarot cards much better.


The Major Arcana & Numerology


From this outline, you can see that each single-digit number is linked to at least one Major Arcana card.

You can use what you know about single-digit numbers on all of the Major Arcana Tarot cards. So, you don’t have to learn about double-digit numerology.

 Just add up the numbers to figure out what the single number on the card means.


Zero: The Fool: New Beginnings & Innocence

Zero is where it all starts in Tarot . It is innocent and pure. It is known by what it is not.

You could easily get lost thinking about the idea of Zero, which is a fun way to get into the world of Numerology. You might even think of yourself as the Fool as you think about the open void of the Zero journey.


Number 1: The Magician:  Creation & Manifestation

The Magician card has the number One, which stands for new beginnings and chances. It is linked to the planet Mercury.

When The Magician shows up in a Tarot card reading, it means that you have all the skills and abilities you need to be successful.

The Magician is the first card in the Major Arcana, and when it is Upright, it means that you are resourceful and can make things happen for yourself.

Think of the number 1 as the start of a journey. Things are coming together so that you can start a journey you feel called to.

This can come in the form of new ideas, facts, or chances. There is no guarantee that whatever comes to you will be successful, but it will be.

When the one is turned around, it can mean that a new start isn’t happening because something is getting in the way.

This could mean that you missed out on new opportunities or that you are not ready for a change in your life right now.


Number 2: The High Priestess: Inner illumination, &  divine wisdom

Two is equal. This is also shown by the High Priestess, the number two card in the Major Arcana. She finds a balance between the intuitive and the logical, the inner and the outer, and the secret and the open.

Two is the same as one. It’s two opposites trying to understand each other, just like two people trying to understand each other.

From two, from a couple, comes growth. We get together and come up with ideas or start a business.  

In tarot, the number two stands for partnerships, balance, and having two sides.
Think of twos as when two forces come together.

Twos aren’t as self-centered as ones because they have someone else to think about besides themselves. So, they stand for partnership and finding the right balance to work with someone else.

This can lead to choices and choices. Twos can mean that you have to choose between two paths that are at odds with each other.
When they are backwards, they can mean that your partnerships aren’t in harmony or aren’t balanced.



Number 3: The Empress: Expression and Growth.

In numerology, the number three often means the end of one phase and the beginning of the next. The Empress means that you are growing and moving through the steps you need to take to reach your end goal.

You can also think of the number three as a group number. We’ve gone from “ones” (the self) to “twos” (partnerships) to “threes,” which can now be thought of as a group. So, threes can stand for working together and making friends.

Hence the association with fertility, and growth. Three is the Empress, and she shows what Two has worked for.

With all the resources, wealth, family, and progress you’ve made, you now need limits and boundaries.

Three is like the money you’ve made by sharing your work by putting together One and Two. Riches should be put to good use. Who decides what to do with all of the money and resources? We need boundaries, structure, and safety.



Number 4: The Emperor: Strength & Authority

Four is the Emperor with the number 4 is in charge the person in charge who sets rules and limits to keep things running smoothly.

Four is another balance point. Now, with two twos and four, you can make something stable. Two was a piece of wood held up at both ends, like a table held strong with its 4 legs. 

Four is contentment. Four is also a bit lazy. With all of your money in the bank and everything safe and sound, life can feel a little flat.

In the tarot, the number four is a symbol for manifestations, foundations, and stability.
In numerology, the number four stands for material completion, so it describes the process of making your wishes come true in the real world.

This means that if you have been using the Law of Attraction, seeing the number four is a good sign that you are getting what you want.

But now is not the time to stop working and think that everything is done.

Fours mean that the groundwork is being done, but you need to keep working to make sure that the groundwork is stable and secure. 

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Number 5: The Hierophant:  Conflict, Change, & Instability

In tarot, The Hierophant number five stands for conflict, change, and instability.
In tarot numerology, a five is a hard number, but it is also a part of growth. 

Five walks in and shakes the table where Four was idly sitting. Five is the surprise, the challenge, and the problem.

Five is The Hierophant, who challenges you to live up to your higher ideals and not just settle for basic creature comforts.

The number five is also linked to the Pentacles, which are a whole suit (more on this in a moment). So, the number five stands for the four natural elements—Air, Fire, Water, and Earth—and the element of Spirit.

Five brings change that leads to growth.

When you see a five, you should be ready for some kind of challenge or stress that you’ll have to get through to move forward.

This is not something to be afraid of, but rather something to be seen as a chance to grow. We learn new things and get stronger by going through hard times.

When the fives are turned around, they can mean a refusal or unwillingness to face these challenges.

On the other hand, they could show that these problems are ending, which would mean that you have done the work needed to get through this phase.


Number 6: The Lovers: Harmony, Balance & Attraction.

The Lovers card number 6 in the Major Arcana means harmony, working together, and getting better.

You’ve made it through the hard fives, and now the sixes are a time for healing and getting back on your feet.

Six is a well-balanced number that can mean harmony and work together in all parts of your life.

This means that your physical world and your spiritual world are in balance, and you should feel calm and at ease.

This can also apply to any relationships you have, as you may be able to work out problems and find it easier to work together.

When the sixes are turned over, it can mean that there is a lack of balance and harmony.

The Lovers brought balance to each other’s lives and worked together to solve problems.




Number 7: The Chariot: Reflection, Evaluation, & Control.

In tarot,the Chariot tarot card number 7 in the Major Arcana stands for reflection, evaluation, and control.

It is a number of growth, understanding, and getting smarter. Sevens help us gain insight and consider our options so that we can move forward in a focused and purposeful way.

Sevens show that men tend to think in a more analytical way. When you keep seeing sevens, it’s important to keep a balance between your logical mind and your intuitive mind.

When the cards are turned over, sevens can mean that there are too many choices and not enough focus. They can also mean that someone has tunnel vision and can’t see other options.

Before you go after your dreams, you should first try to connect with your higher self by going deep into your subconscious mind.

Some religions believe that the number seven brings good mystical experiences.

Number 8: Strength : Reflection, Evaluation, & Control.

The Strength Tarot card number 8 in the Major Arcana is about inner strength the and adapting and overcoming your fears. In Numerology tarot, the number eight stands for mastery, success, and action.

When you look at the number 8, it reminds you of the infinity symbol, which shows that things are always moving and changing.

Because of how it looks, eight is a shape of infinity. It is a number that shows how everything comes back around. This is also shown by the infinity sign on the Strength tarot card.

So, eights represent the constant work you have to do to reach your goals and dreams. They are a sign of the work and effort that must be put in to master something and finish something.

The number 8, which is two times four, has the power of two. So, the power of unity and polarity times four is the power of stability, protection, and strength. 


Number 9: Hermit: Achievement, Mysticism &  Completion

In tarot, the Hermit card number 9 in the Major Arcana stands for achievement, completion, and fruition.

Number nines bring us the rewards of all the hard work we have done so far on our journey.

We are getting what we have been working for because of what we have done and how hard we have worked.

When nines show up, you should feel like your life has come full circle and that everything you’ve been through has led you to this point.

 Nine is a very important number. Things are almost perfect and whole when you have Nine. Nine is made up of three 3s, so it has the power and meaning of growth and expansion three times over.

The Hermit takes us on a powerful journey to change, which helps us remember our own strength and grow spiritually and politically. The Hermit isn’t about being alone. Instead, it’s about how each person has the power to go their own way.


Number 10: The Wheel of Fortune: Completion, and Starting over

In tarot, the Wheel of Fortune card number 10 in the Major Arcana stands for the end of a cycle, completion, and starting over.

Since 1 + 0 = 1, tens mean going back to the start, or the beginning of a new cycle. So, you can think of the tens as the time between the old and the new.
Then we get to 10. How many is 10? When One and Zero are added together. The Fool and the Magician together, as well as the Wheel of Fortune. A gentle reminder that anything can happen.

The Minor Arcana & Numerology

The Minor Arcana cards can be interpreted using Tarot and numerology. Except for the Court Cards,  The Page, Knight Queen & King.

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So we’ll only look at the numbers from 1(Ace) – 10.

Since repetition is powerful, we’ll go over the meanings of Tarot and Numerology again, but this time we’ll focus on the Minor Arcana cards.


Number 1 or the Ace: 

Number one card in the Minor Arcana suits is the Ace. But they can also mean “start,” which makes them similar to the number 0.

So, an Ace has the energy of a pure representation of the suit. It also shows initiation, the start of something, and the appearance of something. So, the Ace of Cups is like the start of a new love or relationship or a new member of the family.


Number 2 

Two is about choices, balance, and coming together as one. Just look at these two examples: the Two of Wands shows ambivalence or choices that aren’t clear-cut. The Two of Cups shows that relationships should be united and balanced.


Number 3 

Three stands for growth and change. So, the Three of Pentacles is a sign that your career will grow or become more specialized. The Three of Cups means that your love life or family is getting bigger, which is a reason to celebrate with other happy people.


Number 4 

Four stands for emotional stability, which can also lead to complacency. This is what the Four of Cups card shows. The Four of Wands shows that even when the energy of Wands is turned on, it is stable and rooted.


Number 5 

Five is the number of disruptions and chaos that lead to growth. The Five of Pentacles, for example, shows that your health, finances, or both may be affected by events that could even cause a change in your job or work status.


Number 6 

Six is about finding balance with the help of others. So, the Six of Swords shows that you can find balance and move on with the help of another person. The Six of Cups is about finding balance and starting over in love or with family.


Number 7 

Seven shows a lot of emotionally appealing dreams that might come true. Also wishing for something.


Number 8 

Eight is all about growth or getting more of what you want. So, the Eight of Pentacles is a sign that things are getting better, but you haven’t quite reached your goals yet.


Number 9 

Nine shows up, it usually means that something has come to be, is almost perfect, or that a goal is almost done. So, the Nine of Wands shows that the tasks at hand are almost done.

The Nine of Pentacles shows that you are almost done building or doing something.


Number 10 

Ten shows how powerful One and Zero are. Manifestation, creativity, and new beginnings all came together.

Even though the Ten of Swords doesn’t always look good, it does represent a change from something that wasn’t working to a clean slate where you can try to make things work better and make changes.

The Ten of Cups shows a reason to be happy and a chance to start over with family and friends.

Tarot & Numerology Master Numbers 

While other two-digit numbers are rounded down to a single digit, 34 is rounded down because 3+4=7, so 34 is rounded down to 7.

The Master Numbers such as 11,22 & 33 are not reduced to single numbers.

They have a special name because they are powerful and have a spiritual meaning

 These numbers show that there is a lot of energy in them. In the Tarot, this also gives the cards that go with them a mysterious power. Since there are usually no cards with the numbers 22 or 33, we would only look at the card with the number 11.

Here is a short explanation of what each Master Number means. This is just a quick summary of how they work and what they say.

Master Number 11

11 is about increasing your personal potential, intuition, creativity, sensitivity, an active nervous system, and strong feelings. This also makes it possible to be a good leader.


Master Number 22

22 is the Master Builder number, which means there is a lot of potential for success. This Master Number is about having a lot of power and potential, but also being grounded and having good boundaries (again correlating back to the Emperor).


Master Number 33

33 is the Master Teacher, and it shows that you have a lot of room to grow spiritually. This is the energy of the Lovers, so this number gives you the ability to put your ego aside and focus on helping other people.


If you want to learn more about what master numbers mean, a free handbook from is a good place to start.


To Conclude the  Numerology  Meaning in Tarot

There are many different ways to show and use numbers in the tarot. This talk will mostly be about the major arcana, since the use of numbers in the minor arcana is pretty clear. Each number is usually shown on the card by the number of suit symbols that go with that number.

In the major arcana, on the other hand, numbers are used to represent esoteric ideas and are usually hidden in the drawing. of the Rider Waite tarot deck.

A Conclusion of the Tarot  meanings  from 1-10  for both the   Major and Minor Arcana Tarot cards:


  1. New Beginnings: the first step on a journey is a new beginning.
  2. Partnership: path is a choice between two things.
  3. Growth or Progress: a relationship or a project.
  4. Foundations: include structure, usability, and a certain amount of success.
  5. Uncertainty: about change and the future.
  6. Stability: having friends, people who can help, and a community.
  7. Patience: with the trip or peace with waiting.
  8. Progress: the feeling of looking forward to the end of the journey.
  9. Completion: the end of the number series and the journey.
  10. Rebirth:  starting over.