Number 1 In Numerology Planet Sun.png

Number 1 in Numerology Planet Sun

Numerology Planet Sun

Zodiac sign the Sun rules: Leo

The SunExalted in: Aries

House the Sun rules: 5th House of Expression and Play

The Sun stays in each zodiac sign for: about one month

The Sun completes an entire cycle through the zodiac once every year

Element: Fire 

Associated with primary drive, Life Path, the primal Self, and how you “shine”

 Numerology Number 1 Planet – The Sun

As the sun emits light, so does it produce life. This planet (also known as a star and a luminary) symbolizes the self, one’s personality and ego, the spirit, and what makes an individual unique. It is our identity and our public visage. The sun also symbolizes creative ability and the individual’s capacity to meet the challenges of daily life.

Children, as well as one’s biological father, husband, and other masculine influences, are governed by the sun. The forceful energy of the sun brings with it authority, the capacity to lead, and an individual’s essence, their fundamental being. Through this planet’s will, we discover how to manifest ourselves in the universe.

In accordance with its majesty, the sun governs over royalty and higher offices. This sphere is also in charge of our health and well-being. The golden radiance of the sun is a vital life force that infuses us with strength, vitality, and a desire to succeed. This planet plays a crucial role in astrology because it is the source of energy for the other planets.

The sun spends approximately one month in each zodiac sign and one year traveling through the 12 zodiac signs. This energy is masculine and governs both Leo and the fifth house.

Number 1 Is Connected To The Sun ☉:


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The Sun in Numerology

The sun is a planet that rules those born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, or 28th of any month, as well as those whose destiny or name numbers are reduced to 1.

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The Sun’s qualities manifest most frequently in those who have the same number of spirits. 1.

The sun is our heavenly Father The solar system, which all planets revolve around. All life in our solar system depends on the sun for sustenance.

Any planet associated with the Sun loses its strength; the energy of any planet that approaches the Sun too closely is diminished.

The sun is the ruler of the solar system and determines the laws inherent in the energy particles, also known as cosmic law. In 25 days, the sun completes a full rotation around its axis.

The sun is renowned for its constant motion.

God is the great One, which is something perfect, definite, harmonious, and self-sufficient. He is the world’s self-originating cause.

According to ancient Indian texts, the Sun is the residence of the progenitors and the first of the eight Vasus (the residence of consciousness).

The Sun’s body is a sparkling, radiant mass that is visible to the unaided eye; his consciousness is symbolized by a kshatriya (king of warriors) riding a chariot drawn by seven horses (representing the seven rays of light). Only one wheel is present on his chariot.

In both the modern system of calculus and the mystical numerological philosophy, “One” performs a fundamental role. The number 1 represents the utmost in integrity and unity.

Perfect integrity, interpreted as a unit, explains the esoteric significance of the number 1, which represents God or the universe. The sun imparts a nature that is convincingly individualistic, opulent, and proud. The sun is a male energy that purifies.

The sun has a stable and dispassionate nature that is strong, resolute, dominant, royal, and revered by all. The Sun’s closest allies are the Moon, Mars, and Jupiter.

And Saturn, Venus, Uranus, and Neptune are his enemies (the northern and southern hemispheres of the moon). Mercury and the Sun have a neutral relationship.

The sun is a haven for the fortunate. The Light of the Sun is not independent: it is the reflected light of the central fire, the Divine soul of the Universe, that vast warming, all-dwelling “Unit” which is the purest spirit, devoid of matter, and therefore without suffering.

Sun dust particles perceptible in the air are the Divine soul’s essence. These Divine and world soul emanations saturate the ether and the air.

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They are divided into an infinite number of phases, beginning with a lowly, simple being and ending with a prophet of genius. They inhabit matter, cultivating and purifying themselves through suffering.

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Astrologers assert that the Sun traverses one of the twelve zodiac signs every month.


The sun in the Zodiac

The sun reaches its exaltation (highest ascent) in Aries, and its power progressively decreases until it reaches Virgo. From Libra, however, he begins to lose all of his vitality, and by the time he reaches Pisces, he is completely depleted. Then it begins to expand once more, with the greatest expansion observed in Leo. Leo is a sun-ruled zodiac sign.

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The number “one” represents the world consciousness, which animates everything, sends a particle to all living things, and then perceives everything within itself.

This is unadulterated spirit, the only one unmixed with matter and consequently the only one that is happy.

Only serenity and tranquility exist within the World Soul, Atman-Brahman; only she is without suffering.

In opposition to the “One” is disorder, a formless and limitless, imperfect multitude, the universal principle of evil, anarchy, and darkness.

The divine is represented by the number “one”, while the malevolent multiplies. But in our world there is no Perfect Unit and no pure spirit; everything is composed of a mixture of matter and numbers.


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The entirety of human history, including all of its afflictions and wrongdoings, constitutes one eon, a long but fundamentally final period of time and the entire world in time.

The sun has an effect on the mind, making it courageous, dominant, impulsive, strong, cunning, directed outward, willing to aid allies and cruel to foes. A sun-controlled male has a more developed upper body, similar to a lion.

These individuals achieve fame and success in their respective fields. People affiliated with the sun are temperamental. The sun governs the right eye, right nostril, pingala nadi (right channel), right side of the body, and left hemisphere of the brain.

Number 1 Is Connected To The Sun ☉:


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Number One in Numerology – The Sun 

The 1st digit of the numerical system The head of the Solar system, the Sun, rules this number. It is the origin of the number system, from which the remaining nine numerals were derived. The basis of all numbers is 1; similarly, 1 is the basis of all existence.

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Number 1 The sun provides vitality and eliminates obstacles. Sun influences an individual’s potential in terms of self-confidence, assertiveness, willpower, and independence.

This number represents individuality, creativity, and positivity. A person born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, or 28th of any month has the principles of being in his or her work creative, inventive, strongly individual, definite in his or her views, and consequently more or less stubborn and determined in all they undertake as individuals.

Numerological Number One People have a majestic appearance, are ambitious and self-confident, detest restraint, and always achieve success in whatever profession or occupation they pursue.

As departmental chiefs, they maintain their authority and cultivate subordinates’ respect and admiration. Whatever their endeavor, they would be trustworthy and sincere.

These number 1 individuals should strive to execute their most vital plans and ideas on all days that resonate with their own number, such as the 1st, 10th, and 28th of each month.

Outside of their own numbers, number 1 individuals get along well with those born under the numbers 2, 4, and 7, including those born on February 2, 4, 7, 11, 13, 16, 20, 22, 25, 29, and 31.

Numerology Number 1: Lucky Dates:

Sunday and Monday are the two luckiest days of the week for number 1 people. Especially if one of their own “numbers” falls on the same day, such as the 1st, 10th, 19th, or 28th, and one of their interchangeable numbers of 2, 4, 7 falls on the same day, such as the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 11th, 13th, 16th, 20th, 22nd, 25th, 29th, or 31st.

Numerology Number 1 Lucky Colors:

All tints of gold, yellow, bronze, and golden brown are considered the luckiest hues for those born under the number 1.

Numerology Number 1 Lucky Crystals:

The ruby, red garnet, red tourmaline, and red spinel are their “lucky” gemstones. These Crystals improve general health, stamina, vitality, willpower, and resolve.

They encourage good fortune, optimism, authority, intelligence, and achievement. 


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