Number 3 In Numerology Planet Jupiter

Number 3 in Numerology Planet Jupiter

Numerology Planet Jupiter

Also known as the Greater Benefic

Zodiac sign Jupiter rules: Sagittarius

Jupiter Exalted in: Cancer

House Jupiter rules: 9th House of Faraway Places

Jupiter retrogrades: Once every year to year and a half, with each retrograde lasting around 4 months

Jupiter stays in each zodiac sign for 1 year

Jupiter completes an entire cycle through the zodiac once every 12 years

Element: Fire and Water (prior to Neptune’s discovery).
Sagittarius | 9th House and Pisces | 12th House govern.

Associated with expansion, exploration, happiness, and possibility; also known as the “greater good.”


Jupiter: The Lucky Planet

Jupiter is the planet of the intelligent. As the guardian of the abstract mind, this planet governs higher education and bestows upon us a desire for intellectual and spiritual exploration of ideas.

Jupiter assists us intellectually in formulating our ideology. Jupiter reigns over religions and philosophy in the more spiritual sphere.

Jupiter proposes a search for the answers, and if that requires traversing the globe, well, that’s presumably why Jupiter also rules long-distance travel.

In accordance with this motif, Jupiter compels us to evaluate our ethical and moral values, as well as our optimism.


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Jupiter is associated with fortune and fortune for good cause. This is a kind and beneficent planet, one that wishes for our growth and flourishing.

Jupiter may serve as judge and jury, but it is primarily an honorable companion who ensures that we are on the correct path.

While success, accomplishments, and prosperity are all within Jupiter’s domain, this generosity can deteriorate into sloth and idleness (Jupiter is associated with weight gain at its worst!).

However, Jupiter will more often than not lead us down the primrose path.

Jupiter’s pursuits also include leisure time. This planet governs all sports, games of chance, and a promenade through the park with the family pet (Jupiter adores animals).

Jupiter frequently foretells great wealth, both material and otherwise. This is a trustworthy companion in paradise!

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Jupiter circumnavigates the zodiac in approximately 12 years, averaging one sign per year. It governs Sagittarius and Pisces, as well as the Ninth and Twelfth Houses.

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Jupiter in Numerology

Jupiter governs those born on the 3, 12, 21, or 30th of any month, as well as those whose fate or name is reduced to 3.

Individuals with three spirits exhibit Jupiter’s characteristics most prominently. Jupiter is a colossal, brilliant planet that emits more energy than it receives from the sun.

Due to its enormous girth, it is the heaviest planet in our solar system. She is referred to as guru, which in Sanskrit means both “heavy” and “one who removes darkness.”

This makes Jupiter a teacher of the gods’ assembly (Deva Guru), as well as a teacher of righteousness, justice, and enlightenment.

As a guru, true enlighteners and assistants who reflect the lives of his students, Jupiter aids the expansion and development of the consciousness of everything he touches.

Jupiter is the planet of bravery, resolve, power, hard work, energy, labor, knowledge, and communication. Vacaspati is one of Jupiter’s Sanskrit names: “vaca” derives from “wak,” which means “spoken words,” and “party” means “Lord.”

Consequently, Vacaspati is the God of language and the God of the word. “Three” is humanity’s greatest number. All aesthetics voluntarily utilize the Trinity.

To elucidate the progression of events, we frequently divide time into three segments. Divine Trimurti, composed of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, expresses religion.

After the union of spirit and matter, the third soul of phenomena and the human soul are born into the world.

The number “three” represents the spirit. The Hindu Trinity is mysterious and unfathomable. It is time itself, which consists of three parts: the past, the present, and the future.

Jupiter in the Zodiac

Jupiter is a happy planet, with the sun, moon, and Mars as its companions. He governs over Sagittarius and Pisces, attains exaltation in Cancer, and perishes in Capricorn.

Gemini and Virgo are the harmful signs for him. Jupiter is the divine ruler of the ninth and twelfth houses.

Given that the 9th house is the house of destiny, one of the most significant houses, Jupiter’s presence in the natal chart is especially significant. Jupiter is also significant because it influences reproduction, education, and marriage.

His position in the astrological birth chart of the female determines her husband’s lifespan, position, personality, and behavior.

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Jupiter’s weakness is delaying the nuptials. If Jupiter opposes Saturn, the Sun, Uranus, or Neptune, or begins to act with them simultaneously, a Gemini or Virgo rising’s marriage will terminate in divorce.

This configuration of the planets is a hindrance to marriage in general.

The number three corresponds to the triangle, the first geometric figure. Connecting the opposites of being in it, existence begins to expand.

The Jains believe a three-layered abyss of dense water, thick wind, and fine wind separates the world from the non-world.

According to the Jains, it consists of three pyramids or truncated cones, the middle and upper of which are composed of bases, and the top of the middle resting on the top of the bottom.

Jupiter imparts to his devotees activity, a desire for cooperation, ambition, discipline, and moral rectitude. They believe in living a simple life and are distinguished by their lofty beliefs.

Three-membered vertical symbols are mirrored in the human body’s structure. At all stages of human history and culture, the three-dimensional vertical perspective of the world is conserved.

The number 3 represents the highest dynamic integrity that the visible material universe tends toward.

Jupiter controls the liver and the midsection to the hips. Jupiter is the Lord of those born on the third, twelfth, twenty-first, or thirty-first of any month, whose name or destiny equals 3.

The luckiest individuals are those born on the 12th of any month.



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Numerology Number 2 – Jupiter 

Numerology Number 3 represents Jupiter, a planet that plays a crucial role in both Astrology and all systems of Numerology.

Number 3 Jupiter is in charge of fortune, riches, and triumph. Enhance physical health by imparting vitality, strength, and immunity. Jupiter enhances happiness and optimism.

It has a special relationship with every third in the series, including 3, 6, 9, and their sums. The sum of these numbers in any direction results in the number nine, and the 3, 6, and 9 individuals are all sympathetic to one another.

All individuals born on the third, twelfth, twenty-first, or thirty-first of any month have a Birth Number of 3.

Number 3 individuals, like number 1 individuals, are exceedingly ambitious; they are never contented with subordinate positions, and their goal is to ascend in the world and acquire control and authority over others.

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They are adept at carrying out commands, adore order and discipline in all circumstances, readily heed orders themselves, and insist that others do the same.

People with the number 3 personality trait frequently attain the highest positions in any business, profession, or field.

They excel in positions of authority in the army and navy, in government, and in life in general, particularly in positions of trust and responsibility, as they are extremely conscientious in carrying out their responsibilities.

They have a tendency to be authoritarian, to “lay down the law,” and to insist on implementing their own notions. Due to this, despite the fact that they are not quarrelsome, they are successful in creating many enemies.

Number 3 individuals are exceptionally proud, detest being obligated to others, are exceptionally independent, and chafe under the slightest restraint.

Number 3 individuals should strive to carry out their plans and objectives on a11 days that correspond to their own number, such as the third, twelfth, twenty-first, and thirty-first of each month.

Number 3 individuals are more compatible with those born under their own number or under the 6 and 9, including those born on the 6th, 15th, 24th, 9th, 18th, and 27th.

Numerology Number 3: Lucky Dates:

Thursday, Friday, and Tuesday are their luckiest days of the week, with Thursday being the most significant.

These days are particularly favorable if a number ending in 3 falls on them, such as the 3rd, 12th, 21st, or 30th, followed by the interchangeable numbers 6 and 9, such as the 6th, 9th, 15th, 18th, 24th, or 27th.

Numerology Number 3 Lucky Color:

For “lucky” colors, they should wear mauve, violet, or purple, or have a trace of these colors with them at all times; this also applies to their living spaces.

All hues of blue, crimson, and rose appeal to them, but primarily as secondary hues.

Numerology Number 3 Lucky Crystals:

Their fortunate crystals are yellow sapphire, yellow topaz, yellow tourmaline, and yellow citrine. These Crystals increase pleasure, prosperity, reputation, and wealth.

They influence the capacity for concentration and impart a philosophical outlook on life. They are the most effective at promoting health and happiness.

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